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         The Diet Redbox® is designed to help patients lose about two pounds per week. It is customized to adapt to the patient’s behavior and individual needs in a way that makes it easier for the patient to stay on track. Seeing results within the first three to five days highly motivates the patients to continue with the diet. Unlike other diet programs, results are seen even by just following about 70% of the diet plan!

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Blood sugar control diet (Low glycemic diet).
Recommend high fiber, lean meat and low sugar meal.
Average loss of about two pounds per week.
Must maintain body weight by eating 2000 cal./day.
Medically Supervised Diet System.

• Drink more than 10 Glasses(8oz) of water a day.
   It is not recommended that you drink coffee, tea, or soda which contains caffeine
   Diet soda without caffeine is acceptable about once a day.
• Eat as much protein as you want. (See food list at bottom of page)
• One portion means the amount of food equivalent to the size of your fist.
• You can have protein snack between meals. Carry snacks with you in a plastic sandwich bag
   (boiled eggs, cheese, not breaded chicken strips, tofu or unsweetened beef jerky).
• Avoid any foods with sugar or carbohydrates, and avoid spicy and salty foods.
• Fried foods (not breaded) are okay. Do not count calories when you Start program.
• No exercise until we indicate it, but walking, light weight lifting, and stretching are allowed.
• The “protein only” part of the diet is not forever. After a certain period, we will instruct you on
   having a balanced diet (resting period).
• You must have breakfast within an hour after waking up, and eat at least three times a day.
• Please record everything you eat in the daily food diary.
• Take Phendimetrazene medicine one hour before lunch and one hour before dinner.

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