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The proper way to apply Formula 201 is to scrub first with Cleanser 101 or IPC Cleanser 101 to remove all of the natural oils from the surface of your face. After this initial preparation ,apply Formula 101 with fingertips and rub into acne prone areas. The point of the treatment is to irritate and dry the skin, causing peeling down inside the pore and killing the bacteria. Some redness, stinging, irritation and peeling is normal. The skin will adapt to the discomfort and in a few days will disappear. 
However, if the face becomes very red, hurts and feels so tight that the client thinks that if they smile it will crack, the treatment is too strong. Discontinue treatment for 2-3 days. The end result is a GENTLE peeling and flaking, noticeable if one looks closely in the mirror. This Product is Fragrant free, color free and paraben free


SKU: 1011

  • Drug Fact

    Active Ingredient (in percentage)                 

    PurposeBenzoyl Peroxide 10% ..... For the treatment of Acne

    Uses: Adults and children 12 years and over: For the treatment of acne. For acne-prone.


    FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Avoid contact with eyes and eyelids. This product may cause irritation. Mild irritation may be reduced by using the product less frequently. If irritation becomes severe, discontinue use and consult a doctor.Do not use this medication if you have very sensitive skin or  if you are sensitive to benzoyl peroxide.Keep out of reach of children.


    Use 1 to 3 times daily on affected skin, cover the clean affected skin with a thin layer.

    Other Information:

    May bleach hair or fabrics. Store at room temperature. Keep away from heat or direct sunlight.Inactive


    Purified Water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Carbomer, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance. FD&C Yellow #5

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