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Acne is an auto somatic inherited disease. 85%of all US teenagers develop acne and 25% of among them will have permanent acne scars. If we converts these percentage to actual number of people, It is a 60 million American with active acne and 20 million American will have permanent acne scars.

However, Very few suffers seek treatment. According to statistics, only 11% of Acne suffer seek help.

It is because Acne is not taken seriously by medical establishment or society and also considered Socially Taboo. And among many reasons, the most important one is due to the Past acne treatment has staggering failure rate.

However, ACNE REDBOX ®, we have more than 15 years of experience only for acne and have developed the treatment and products. All safety and efficacy have been checked. Our philosophy is to provide the safety acne products and treatments at affordable price. All our products are hypo-allergenic , and are designed for sensitive skin. Also It is paraben free, fragrant free and color free.

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